Courses We Offer

Along with the therapies we also provide valuable self healing courses/classes ranging from health to cultural functions.
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Ayurvedic Courses
Yoga Courses
TCM Courses
Schuessler Salts
Cultural Courses
Language Courses

Ayurvedic Courses

• Short introducion to ayurveda
• Therapautic ayurvedic courses
• Course in panchkarma
 Ayurvedic massage courses (abhyanga)
Ayurvedic cooking courses
Marma Therapy 

Yoga Courses

• Short introducion to Yoga
• Daily yoga classes
• Yoga Teacher training
Mudra & Bandha

Schuessler Salts

• Short introducion to Schuessler Salt/Bio Mineral Salts
Schuessler salts & it's uses


• Short introducion to TCM
• Accupuncture
• Accupressure
• Tuina Massage
• Tai chi & Q-gong

Cultural Courses 

• Short introducion to Our culture.
• Hawan - Yagyapathy
• Mantra
• Astrology
• Vastu Shastra

Language Courses 

• Kannada
• English
• Hindi