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Marma Therapy

In Sanskrit Marma means tender or soft. In the western world
Marmas are known as tender points, trigger points, energy points etc.

Marmas are those points in our body if injured, cause diseases
disorders which may take long to be cured.

Marma points may be
defined as the seats of the life.

Marma therapy can be defined in two different ways; therapeutic way

and preventive way.

1. In therapeutic way : It can be defined as a therapy to heal the
disorders/diseases specifically related to injuries. 

2. In preventive way : It can be defined as a therapy to protect the
body from the causes that are responsible for diseases /disorders. 

This course covers : 

  1. Understanding with Marma
  2. A comparative study with other natural sciences.
  3. Location of marma points
  4. How can one prevent injuries to marma points and if they are injure how they are to be treated.

Course instructor : Dr. Ratan Singh

Teaching experience in Europe, UK and North America.