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Colorful and hospitable Gokarna - "Gokarna-Ma", as it is called by lovers of these places.

It is a small village in the state of Karnataka, which lies between two rivers - Agnashini and Gangavali. Literally Gokarna means "cow's ear" and according to local legends, here Shiva has manifested himself to the world.

Gokarna is a place of pilgrimage and also for a quiet holiday. Many people feel the enlightening energy of this place, that makes Gokarna the real "Place of Power". Gokarna is mentioned in Hindu mythology that lead us far beyond all known history. Deamons and Gods were playing their Lilas...  Ancient temples and places of worship, beautiful endless beaches, traditional festivals and rural life that hasn't been changed for ages... That's just a few words about Gokarna.

The center of Town is known primarily for its temples, and on Festival days pilgrims from all over India come here.

The most famous of them are the Shiva temple - Mahabaleshwar and the Ganesha temple.

The Rama Temple is located on the rock above the Main Beach, it is easy to get here - a walk will take not more than five minutes.

It is also a well-known source of drinking water, where you can still your thirst, in the hot afternoon time.

The surroundings of Gokarna are known for their beaches. These are the endless main beach, and cozy Kudli, and the world-famous Om beach, named for its shape that looks like the famous symbol ... And the more distant beaches are Paradise, Nirvana and and Honey. 

For the time being, Gokarna is not so attractive for tourists as Goa and other resorts. That is why it this saves its identity and purity. 

Here you can easily have the feeling Enlightment coming from the temples with a thousand-year history, and the natural purity of the surrounding places.

That is why this place is so attractive for individual retreats, healthcare treatments, carying out events, seminars of yoga and other body and spiritual practices.

The feeling of this place helps and promotes the best results of your practice.

Photo Copyright - Naadi Ascha