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Schuessler salts

Schuessler-salts/Bio mineral salts therapy is named after Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuesseler, a popular German homeopathic doctor in the mid of 19th century , introduced first time use of mineral based biochemical salts. He treated the people suffering from various kinds of disorders and diseases successfully.He was of the opinion that the deficiency of certain vital biochemical salts in the cells of our body are the causes of several physical and psychological diseases and disorders. when these deficient vital biochemical salts are met with their medicinal counterparts by external feeding, the body recovers soon and remains in healthy state.

Schuessler salts are available in the form of tablets. they comprise of 12 basic minerals are grouped into 4 categories i.e. Calcium, Ferrum, Kalium (Potassium) and Natrium (Sodium) with their fluoride, chloride, phosphate and sulphate forms.

Functions of Bio Mineral salts :

Schuessler salts have two functions in our body namely

1) Regulation function

2) Nutritional function

 1) Regulation function: 

Schuessler-salts help to regulate the minerals distribution thus maintains the

mineral balance in our body.

2) Nutritional function:

Schuessler-salts help to supply the minerals in minute quantity to the tiny cells of our body which play important role to perform certain regular functions

Course instructor :  Miss Heidi Pruss, Dr. Ratan Singh & Dr. Pradeep Singh