Mudras & Bandha

Mudra is a type of Yoga. Mudras are signifying gestures or mystique postures of the fingers, hands and other parts of the body including correct breathing postures that influence our body organs to function correctly and in harmony so that an inner happiness and peace are obtained.

While making a decision or giving special weight to a particular thought or reaching an agreement, unconsciously we do use some gestures or postures with our hand and fingers, mostly to seal something in way to feel secured. These postures are called mudras.

This course covers :

  1. Understanding Mudra
  2. A comparative study with other natural sciences such as Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Palmistry etc.
  3. Meditation with fingers.
  4. Mudra postures with visualization and their positive effects on our body and many other interesting subjects.

Course Instructor: Pandit Mangal Das ji & Dr. Ratan Singh